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Best of the past two years!

Choose up to 5. Write in your own and it will be added to the options.

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Best of 2022-2023 Poll
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Write in ones I've missed!

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Best grand strategic WWII games

What are your favourite shorter wargames? By shorter, I mean under 4 hours. Add your favourites to the poll, let's see what folks like to play when they don't have all day.

Fave wargames that play in under 4 hours

Your choice!

If you have suggestions for new topics to be discussed, or videos you'd like to see, enter them in this poll.

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Favourite WWII Pacific War game


Along with the reissue of Pacific War from GMT, it feels like there's been a surge of Pacific games lately. And of course, like Pacific War, there are some old gems. What are your favourites? Pick two.


ussHornet Small

Favourite WWII Pacific game



What's your favourite one or two games from the desert? Just big campaigns, not battle games.

Do you have a favourite game on the North African front in WWII?


Do you play mostly solo or mostly opposed?



Solo vs opposed play

Does it matter to you if a reviewer is given a review copy of a game?

review copies

Do you prefer minis in wargames?


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